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Bhangandar – A Painful Condition! Seek Appropriate Treatment Well In Time

Bhagandar, which is the common term for piles (known as haemorrhoids in medical terminology), is a collection of tissues and veins that have inflamed and swollen. The size of bhagandar may vary. It is a condition of the smooth muscles of the walls (inside or around) of rectum and anus. Bhagandar is a common condition and many a time, it clears up on its own after a few days. However, there have been cases where people have had bhagandar and it did not cause symptoms, due to which people did not even realise they were suffering from this condition. On the contrary, there have been other cases wherein bhagandar has turned out to be quite painful and discomforting. For such patients of bhagandar, undergoing laser treatment for bhagandar is the best treatment option.

Causes and symptoms of bhagandar

Constipation is the most common cause of bhagandar. Apart from that, either a totally sedentary lifestyle or constantly standing for hours together is likely to case bhagandar. Also, chronic diarrhoea, lifting heavy weights, straining when passing a stool and pregnancy may be the other causes of bhagandar. Pain (in and around the anus), itching and bleeding are the symptoms of bhagandar.

The best treatment to get rid of bhagandar

Bhagandar is known to cause immense pain and discomfort to the patient and the use of ointments (which is the most basic treatment for bhagandar) provides only temporary relief to the patient. Earlier, it could only be treated by surgery. However, with medical development and advancement, the laser treatment is a more permanent solution and helps get fully get rid of bhagandar.

For those looking for laser treatment for bhagandar in Punjab, Karan Hospital which is home to some very highly experienced doctors and surgeons is the safest bet. The team of surgeons at Karan Hospital carry out the laser treatment with precision and that helps the patient get completely rid of bhagandar. Numerous patients suffering from bhagandar have been successfully treated in the past at this Hospital. Having all the latest surgical equipment, Karan Hospital is the most recognized name for laser treatment for bhagandar in Punjab.

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