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Anal Fissures Cause Pain As Well As Bleeding- Laser Treatment Is The Best Option!

The anal canal is surrounded by muscle at the end of the rectum which is the bottom section of the colon (large intestine). A thin, moist tissue known as mucosa lines the anus. A small tear in this tissue is known as an anal fissure and it occurs when one passes hard or large stools during a bowel movement. Usually, anal fissures cause immense pain (while passing stool and otherwise too) along with bleeding during bowel movements. Short-term anal fissures usually heal within 4 to 6 weeks with the use of home remedies and treatment. The most basic home remedy for relieving pain during bowel movements is the prevention of constipation. This can be achieved by increasing fibre intake in one’s diet. In most cases, the pain that is experienced during bowel movements goes away just after a couple of days after starting the home treatment of anal fissures.

Laser treatment – the best treatment option to fully cure fissures

When one starts to suffer from acute anal fissures, the level of pain experienced gets really high. In such a case, one must seek laser treatment for fissureas the doctors and hospitals in the city of Jalandhar are known to provide the best treatment for piles and fissures. The laser treatment for fissures is a non-invasive and painless surgical option which is known to have a very low rate of complications. The surgery includes sealing the fissures by the use of laser energy.

Find the most trusted and the most renowned hospital

In order to undergo laser treatment for fissure in Jalandhar, you must visit Karan Hospital as it is known to be the best hospital for providing this treatment. Performed with the latest laser surgical equipment, the laser treatment is safe, minimally invasive and relatively simple. Also, the laser treatment involves preserving the healthy tissue and normal function and the chances of success are quite high. Expert surgeons, the latest surgical instruments and state of the art infrastructure along with a commendable past record of helping many patients get rid of fissures are the factors that make Karan Hospital the best choice for laser treatment for fissure in Jalandhar.

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