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Extra Care for Bed Sores at Karan Hospital in Punjab

When a person is suffering from a disease that makes him/her bed ridden or immobile for a long period of time, then he is at risk of getting other problems also. Bed sores is one such medical condition which occurs to people who are unconscious, not able to feel pain, not able to move or restricted to bed. In these people, there is formation of ulcers on those skin areas which are under pressure while lying on the bed or sitting at a particular place (wheel chair) or wearing a cast for a very long time.

Bed sores also known as pressure injuries or pressure ulcers, become a very serious condition in case of older people. You can directly relate bed sores to the kind of care a person is getting. If an immobile person stays in a particular position for a very long time and is not moved or turned, then he gets bed bores. It is important to give special care to immobile people, give them good nutrition, good skin care and position them in correct place so that they don’t develop bed sores. There are some people who are at higher risk of getting bed sores like patients suffering from diabetes, circulation problems or those with low nutrition.

Bed sores usually occur when the blood flow is restricted to skin for more than 3-4 hours resulting in that particular area to die. That area then becomes red & painful and later on it turns purple. If this area is not treated for long, then skin in this region may open and get infected. Opting for best Bed sores treatment in Punjab at Karan Hospital is the top solution. Here, the doctors will give you medicines to treat your condition. If required, skin grafts and surgery are done depending on the condition of bed sores. Meet the consultants here for famous Bed sores treatment in Punjab.

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