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Bed Sore Treatment

BED SORES Treatment
Bedsores are injury to skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on skin. Bedsores are also called pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcer.

Whom Does It Affects?
It affects people who are suffering from a medical condition which limits their mobility like paralysis , illness, old age, bed ridden patients after accidents.

Common Sites Of Bed Sores



Grading: Pressure sores have four grades
Grade1 : Skin discoloration usually  red, blue, purple or black
Grade 2: Skin loss involving dermis,  the ulcer presents  as blister or abrasion.
Grade 3: Necrosis or damage to the skin patch limited to the skin layer.
Grade4: Damage to skin and underlying saturation, such as bone or joint.

Diagnosis: Proper  inspection of the affected area.