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The IRC is the most widely used office instrument for the treatment of hemorrhoids – in the world. Here at last is a truly reliable option when a patient seeks immediate relief from pain or bleeding, and surgery isn’t indicated.

The IRC really works

The Infrared Coagulator (Photo Coagulator) has been used successfully in the treatment of all kind of hemorrhoids, especially bleeding, non-prolapsed internals. It is also useful as a means of hemostasis in the treatment of hemorrhoids by routine excision or to coagulate external thrombotic hemorrhoids that have been removed.

Fast and easy to perform

Treatment time is actually measured in seconds. Once the anoscope has been inserted and the hemorrhoids identified, the average procedure involves 3 to 5 exposures of about 1.5 seconds each to the mucosa proximal to the base of the hemorrhoid. That’s it.

Easy on the patient

No special diet, enemas or other advance preparation is required. Following the procedure, normal activity can be resumed immediately with no special care required.

No Hospitalization

Infrared Coagulation (Photo Coagulation) is an office procedure. Bleeding is rarely reported. There have been no known incidents of infection, stricture, oozing, procedure related odor or other complications

Indications for Infrared Coagulation

Bleeding, mucoid discharge and pruritus are symptoms usually treated easily by coagulation. All internal hemorrhoids can benefit substantially from IRC treatment, especially Grade I.