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Varicose Veins

VARICOSE VEINS are swollen veins which often look blue, bulging and twisted. Veins of legs and ankles are most commonly affected by this condition. If left untreated, varicose vein can worsen over time.


+ Dark purple or blue in color
+ Veins that appear twisted and bulging; often like cords in legs  
+ An achy or heavy feeling in legs 
+ Burning, throbbing, muscle cramping and swelling in lower legs
+ Worsened pain after sitting or standing for a long time
+ Itching around one or more of your veins 
+ Bleeding from varicose veins

How does laser 1470nm work?

+ A laser fiber is being introduced into the vein using a special catheter set 
+ The vein is being coagulated from inside by laser energy

Advantages for Endovenous Treatment of Branch Varices and Reticular Veins

+ No discoloration of skin, as sometimes happened during transcutaneuos lasering or sclerotherapy
+ Also for patients getting anticoagulation drugs 
+ No skin burning
+ Free of pain 

Varicose Veins

Karan Hospital was established in the year 1995. Keeping in pace with the fast changing surgical techniques for the various procedures, latest equipment has been added from time to time. Once again it gives us immense pleasure to inform that we at KARAN HOSPITAL have introduced “Latest Techniques in the Management of Ano Rectal Disorders”.

This is the First centre in Northen India after Delhi to offer Minimal Invasive Surgical Techniques like LASER and Doppler Guided Hemorrhoidal artery ligation & Recto Anal Repair for Hemorrhoids (Piles), LASER for Anal fissure, Perianal sinus/Abscess, Video assisted Anal Fistula Treatment(VAAFT) and Endoscopic treatment for Pilonidal Sinus(EPSit). All these procedures are done endoscopically without giving any incisions.

Laser in Proctology

Dr. Kamal Gupta M.B.B.S., M.S., ( General Surgery )
F.A.I.S., F.I.A.G.E.S., F.I.S.C.P.

Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon & Proctologist
Trained in Laser Proctology , Berlin , Germany
Fellow of International Society of Coloproctology
Fellow International Society of University Colon and Rectal Surgeons , USA
Member Vascular Society of India

26 Years
of Experience

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